Conversations vs Communication – is there a difference?

Of course, there’s a difference!   Useful, well-articulated, Inspiring conversations result in emotions, emotions result in action.  Action propels an organisation forward – therefore it can be deduced that considered, meaningful conversations result in forward motion in organisations. Communication is a method of disseminating information.

Organizational change: This is how you keep all stakeholders informed and increase the success rate!

Experts estimate that about 70 percent of all organizational changes fail. The cause might seem obvious: people don’t like change. Employees do not always contribute to change – in some cases, they even oppose the change. Therefore, failure oftentimes seems inevitable. In reality, there is definitely something you can do to greatly increase the success rate of your organizational change.

Internal Messaging | Hitting or Missing the Mark?

In a world of constant, high-speed messaging, how do you get your audience to stop, consider and remember the message? You need more traction than a tyre on a Formula One car – because communicating effectively means information must stick. And not just any information – the info you most need understood and acted upon.

The Human Firewall: What is it, and how do you implement it?

If you are an IT technician, you might find that an IT-related problem often exists between chair and keyboard. In other words: the problem is not caused by the computer system, but by its user. It often leads to you having to advise your colleagues to turn their device off and on again for the umpteenth time. But in some cases, a human error might jeopardize the entire organization’s cybersecurity. With the average costs of a data breach exceeding $3.9 million, it becomes evident why it is crucial to invest in a so-called Human Firewall.

Keeping New Collar Workers Informed and Engaged

Consider that 3 out of 4 of your employees are New Collar and non-desk workers, are they underserved when it comes to corporate communication?  With most companies in a war for talent on the one side and increased competition on the other, as well as workers wanting a better work-life balance and enhanced work experience, there is a huge demand to connect and engage your workforce.

Digital Signage for Remote Workers: Bringing Digital Signage directly into Home Offices

We love digital signage. There should be no confusion about that. It provides a wonderful and easy solution to reaching your employees and keeping them informed and engaged. It’s basically non-intrusive, digital magic. We wouldn’t be surprised if you have already put up large TV screens that were being used successfully – until parts of your workforce had to start working from home overnight due to the pandemic. Which has probably put your digital signage temporarily out of business. Or can you bring your digital signage into your remote workers’ home offices?

There is a great chance (a part of) your workforce still is not at the office since most knowledge workers and office employees have been working from home for almost the entire duration of the crisis up until today. And for the looks of it, remote work is here to stay, even once everything is safe again.

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