Digital economy trends that are impacting organisations now! Are you ready?

Whether you're new to the workforce or part of C suite, the digital economy represents a huge change in how you'll manage, lead and work.

Ready or not, Re-invention is knocking on the door of most organisations

Re-invention equals grand-scale change. The only desire your people have at this stage, however, is to return to a sense of normality. Normality has morphed and is history, but can your people practices accommodate the ‘new normal’? Normality has challenged us to transition from being proficient in the complexity of problem solving (Intelligence) to being proficient in human intuition and interaction.

Search, find, experience… or not much?

As I navigate my way through our ‘almost’ post pandemic world I have come to realise that certain changes will leave a permanent mark and have a long-lasting effect on our way of looking at things, changing our attitude and behaviours far into the future.  These changes, as subtle as they may be, will affect business for sure.

Applause – a superpower we can all access

This weekend I went to the theatre – the first time in over a year. I had forgotten the power this two-hour immersive experience has on my psyche.

Do you SNORKEL or SCUBA through life?

Progress usually begins with consciousness and results in action. Moving between the two landscapes, that of consciousness and action must be considered and executed with precision. 

Is your marketing budget going toward a BLAND?

A billboard on the Freeway had me in stiches of laughter… went something like this…

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