Applause – a superpower we can all access

Published: 02 May 2021

This weekend I went to the theatre – the first time in over a year. I had forgotten the power this two-hour immersive experience has on my psyche.

Written by Linda Hamman

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While I was applauding until my hands hurt, I was wondering how the artists on the stage, The Ndlovu Youth Choir in this case, were feeling. As the applause grew louder the energy became palpable and after a while everyone was on their feet, invigorated and enthralled. We left and carried a feeling of hope and positivity in our hearts and minds. 

Applause is public acknowledgement of the highest calibre, something built into the human DNA, without it we are often uncertain that we are on the right course, that we are accepted and appreciated, this uncertainty makes us (and our ideas) feel small and often too insignificant to share with others. In business - leadership often hold back and do not bestow achievers with public acknowledgement, reasoning being they will get a big head, or they will complacent or worst still they will think they are worth something and ask for more money or a promotion! Somehow the benefits of public acknowledgement are never contemplated. Acknowledgement is defined at two levels expressing the existence of something/someone and expressing or displaying the appreciation for something/someone. 

Somehow, we are often good at recognising negative actions and then to ‘set an example’ we publicly acknowledge the action, or the person, as though this exonerates the identifier and sets them apart from the so called ‘perpetrator’. 

Public acknowledgement or for want of another word applause is a fundamental truth that through the ages has provided the human spirit with a sense of recognition, acceptance and belonging, a fundamental requirement I have seen in about every business I have worked with. A simple practice but not always adopted. 

Contact us and our Backstage Business team will help your leadership team with acknowledgement practices that win the hearts and minds of your people and create the energy that demands a standing ovation from every customer building a confident sought after brand.   

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