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Talk2Us, to find out more about 4C Engage our one-day gamified experience that allows individuals to learn about articulation in a manner that enhances recall and builds upon individual core competencies.


Humans function at two levels – the landscape of consciousness and the landscape of action, if these are not congruent there is a lack of authenticity. The in-congruence is not always intentional - there are many factors that may contribute to the misalignment of our words and our actions, inability to articulate, incompetence or experience. 4C Engage is formulated to address our ability to articulate. It is developed in such a way that it can be implemented at any level within an organisation.

The importance of articulation

Sharing our thoughts with others in an engaging manner is the foundation for building relationships, if we are incapable of sharing our thoughts we will find it difficult to engage with others. The 4C Engage methodology develops the individual’s interaction skills by offering practices and techniques to build rapport, contextualise information and interact in a meaningful way. If your leaderships ability to articulate themselves when sharing information, such as the purpose of the organisation, is lacking their relationships will be weak and employee engagement low.

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