Search, find, experience… or not much?

As I navigate my way through our ‘almost’ post pandemic world I have come to realise that certain changes will leave a permanent mark and have a long-lasting effect on our way of looking at things, changing our attitude and behaviours far into the future.  These changes, as subtle as they may be, will affect business for sure.

How to Strengthen Your Organizational Culture with Internal Communication and Hall’s Cultural Iceberg Model

In the latest instalment of our organizational culture blog series, we discussed organizational culture as described by Edward Hall’s Cultural Iceberg Model. In Hall’s Model, he describes organizational culture as an iceberg–Organizational Culture, like an iceberg, has the typical feature of being disproportionate in its visibility. Some aspects of it are easily perceived; some parts are submerged in the values and basic assumptions of the organization.

Applause – a superpower we can all access

This weekend I went to the theatre – the first time in over a year. I had forgotten the power this two-hour immersive experience has on my psyche.

Safety and health at work calls for resilience

Today is World Day for Safety and Health at Work. This annual day was initiated by the International Labour Organization, a United Nations agency, to promote safe workplaces. This year’s edition is, of course, all about the corona pandemic. The ILO urges organizations to invest in resilient systems to better anticipate and respond in times of crisis. As an employer, you can also do your part.

Transformational leadership and organizational change: a match made in heaven?

Organizational change has become the rule rather than the exception for many organizations. However, implementing organizational change is a complex process that does not always go to plan or occur easily. Organizational change will often be met with resistance that must be overcome to be successful. When this happens, maintaining the new behavior is not easy.

Do you SNORKEL or SCUBA through life?

Progress usually begins with consciousness and results in action. Moving between the two landscapes, that of consciousness and action must be considered and executed with precision. 

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