How to transform ‘Big Data’ into ‘Big Wisdom’

A few years ago, ‘Big Data’ was the talk of the town. Data-driven strategies promised to streamline the organization. From marketing to R&D, every department should be able to work more efficiently by using big data. Some companies have since successfully established a data science team, while others have abandoned the ship. For many, working data-driven proved quite a challenge. Because the method is ‘new’ (and any organizational change encounters at least some resistance), and because the process goes way beyond just collecting data. Companies shouldn’t just pursue Big Data, they should pursue Big Wisdom.

How to Promote Workplace Wellness at the Home Office

Rising late (at least just a bit later). No commute. Comfy clothes all day, every day. Oh, the joys of working from home … What started as a temporary leave from the office has transitioned into a complete workforce revolution. Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, many employees around the world have set up a home office. Although it might be challenging to work with children, pets and partners around, working from home has numerous benefits. Still, there’s one thing you cannot promote in a home office: workplace wellness. Or can you?

Netpresenter ❤️ Microsoft Teams: brand-new integration now available!

This year, Microsoft Teams became the place where colleagues go to interact with each other. Over 75 million people use Teams daily to video-call, call, chat, and work together. How great would it be if you could deploy this program for your internal communication, too? We are proud to announce that, from now on, that is possible with a brand-new Netpresenter integration with Microsoft Teams!

Microsoft Teams: the number one platform for all your corporate communication – right?

The times when we exclusively worked in the office with our colleagues are over. Lars Martens, Business Manager at Microsoft 365 specialist ShareOne, thinks the coronavirus outbreak has changed the way we work for good. ‘We are now in a transition phase.

Working from home due to the coronavirus? This is how you keep your staff informed!


As the coronavirus tightens its grip on the world, more and more people are working from home. Working from home prevents you from becoming infected yourself, or infecting others. This way, working from home could eventually lead to a reduction in the number of infections, which could then contribute to the effort to ‘flatten the curve’.

Turn SharePoint into a crisis-proof communication tool with our SharePoint Connector

As people collectively work remotely because of the coronavirus, good internal communication is more important than ever. While there are numerous communication tools out there to chat with your colleagues, there are more powerful solutions available for company-wide communication, such as SharePoint to create your own intranet. With just a small modification, SharePoint becomes a crisis-proof communication tool.

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