The importance of corporate mindfulness

What if I ask you to think of yourself for 60 seconds? Nothing else, just yourself, can you do it? I bet you can’t. Some thought is going to come up and you are going to get distracted. Even more, you only truly focused on something for a few seconds because I forced you to. Up until now you probably ran through your day without being aware of what you were actually doing.

Is your marketing budget going toward a BLAND?

A billboard on the Freeway had me in stiches of laughter… went something like this…

Three Ways to Bridge your Employees’ Intention-Action Gap with Internal Communication

When we want to make a change in our lives, it usually starts with an intention. To stop smoking, lose weight, decrease screen time, read more books, spend more time with family: these are probably recognizable examples of behavioral change intentions. And yet … books stay unread, the weight stays on, we keep our families waiting. The explanation may lay in the intention-action gap. Everyone has experienced this gap between intending to show behavior and genuinely showing said behavior, even you and your colleagues. Well-crafted internal communication can help your employees bridge the intention-action gap and drive behavioral change!

The Kübler-Ross Change Curve and Internal Communication: How to Communicate Effectively During Organizational Change

In our change management blog series’ latest instalment, we explained how employees do not always contribute to change. In fact, in some cases, they even oppose the change. But in most cases, refusal to change is futile, as change is the number one certainty in life. It can be a catalyst for the growth of individuals and organizations – so why the resistance?

Culture may eat strategy for breakfast – without cadence there is nothing to eat – just a nasty smell of mothballs!

The famous saying Culture eats strategy for breakfast may be popular but the truth is that there will be no culture and no strategy without cadence. 

Getting started with a Small Form Factor PC for digital signage

Digital signage software like Netpresenter runs perfectly on Microsoft Windows. That’s why Small Form Factor PCs, also called SFF PCs, might seem like a great solution for your digital signage. To test if they are indeed up to the task, we went hands-on with a Small Form Factor PC ourselves. For this test, we used the LG CK500W.

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