The Business Case for Purpose

Around the world, the business environment is in a permanent state of disruption. Today more than ever, companies are searching for a new genetic code that will help them continuously evolve - to survive and to thrive.

Better Safe than Sorry! Reuse deleted Messages with our improved History Feature

OOPS, you did it again. You deleted a message in the Message Server that wasn’t meant to be deleted. Unfortunately, you can’t just undo your mistake. Oh wait, you can! From now on, you can easily find your deleted messages and reuse them again with Message Server’s improved History feature.

Are you a corporate influencer? Check these 5 trends in internal communication!

From prioritizing communication with non-desk workers to creating meaningful employee experiences, the role of corporate communication professionals is changing. How is it working at your company? Are you spot on?

The Importance of Effective Communication in Industrial Environments

If you start communication with your staff in industrial environments, keep in mind that there are three things which are important in their work: effectiveness, productivity and efficiency. Your way of communicating is key to workplace productivity and efficiency, especially within industrial organizations. Netpresenter can help you to create the best corporate communication possible.

Duty of Care in the Workplace

Duty of care – an obligation to conform to a certain standard of conduct for the protection of another against an unreasonable risk of harm.In emergency situations do you know whether everyone in your building is safe, or whether they need assistance?

How scammers target your business and how to never fall for it

Today’s businesses need to be aware of much more than just expenses and profits. As technology evolves, so does cybercrime. I’m not talking about your average Trojan horse or keylogger, I’m talking about scams so craftily designed that there is hardly any way to tell they are in fact scams. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that many account breaches happen when employees provide their login information voluntarily. To prevent your employees from falling for these scams, Netpresenter helps you to create a risk-conscious workplace.

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