Preparing for the ‘new normal’ - 3rd Wave | Five things to take into account

The Infection Phase of the coronavirus crisis seems to have come to an end. We’re not back to normal yet, but we’re close to returning to offices and workplaces. With a large number of employees still working remotely, now is the time for organizations to look ahead and prepare offices and workplaces for their employees’ return and for the ‘new normal’. Preparing for the ‘new normal’ presents challenges for communication professionals. Because, now more than ever, employees crave reliable information.

Three just 3, 2021 trends that will revolutionise your Internal Communications

Appoint ‘in-the-know’ journalists and part-time editors, empower them with the knowledge, tools, and skills to share day-to-day updates and the ability to deal with questions and feedback. Get the people in your business talking about the business.

2021- You've got this!

Wishing everyone an amazing 2021!

With the general feeling of 2021 heading out to be the same as 2020, I’d like to vehemently disagree…

Exhausted by working from home? This is how you avoid ‘Zoom Fatigue’

Do you feel like working from home exhausts you more than working at the office? You’re not the only one. Ever since we’re collectively working from home, tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams are on the rise. As the use of these tools increases, we also see a new phenomenon appear more and more often: ‘Zoom Fatigue’. This phenomenon isn’t only applicable to the use of Zoom, though, so we’ll call it Video Call Fatigue. We think this new Video Call Fatigue is enough of a reason to critically reflect on how we fill our working days.

How To Strengthen Your Employer Branding With Internal Communication

A positive and strong employer brand is important for organizations. Your employer brand reflects your reputation, popularity, visibility, and viability in the employment marketplace. It also increases brand awareness, helps to attract and retain customers, and distinguishes your organization from its competitors. However, it may be hard for your organization to obtain a strong employer brand if your employees do not recognize the image you present externally.

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