Is it a butterfly you’re looking for, or a caterpillar with an extra leg or two?

The last two years have been a traumatic time for organisations and individuals. The aftermath of this period has left a landslide of questions at every level – as an organisation: are our current offerings relevant? Do we need to improve on our offering? Perhaps our business needs a complete overhaul? Perhaps we must transform the entire business or perhaps the changes we have made is all that was needed?

Story Telling or Boring Selling?

The old saying of ‘sell don’t tell’ left the room at least 10 years ago and was replaced with ‘Story telling’ an alternative and far more effective practice adopted to share information – a method that shapes our lives, our workplace, and our world.  The stories told leave behind memories which sit with us and shape our opinions, beliefs, and actions.

Backstage Business | Mythbusting emotions

At our recent Mythbusting session we discussed the eight fundamental emotions with our participants. Our emotions flow through our bodies all the time, regulating everything we undertake, including our thoughts and actions. The Plutchik wheel of emotion is an essential tool if you want to enhance your emotional literacy.

Three just 3, 2021 trends that will revolutionise your Internal Communications

Appoint ‘in-the-know’ journalists and part-time editors, empower them with the knowledge, tools, and skills to share day-to-day updates and the ability to deal with questions and feedback. Get the people in your business talking about the business.

2021- You've got this!

Wishing everyone an amazing 2021!

With the general feeling of 2021 heading out to be the same as 2020, I’d like to vehemently disagree…

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