Keeping New Collar Workers Informed and Engaged

Consider that 3 out of 4 of your employees are New Collar and non-desk workers, are they underserved when it comes to corporate communication?  With most companies in a war for talent on the one side and increased competition on the other, as well as workers wanting a better work-life balance and enhanced work experience, there is a huge demand to connect and engage your workforce.

Our brains are malleable. We’re not BORN like this… whatever this is

This blog post is tailored especially for leaders in business, and in life, is about understanding that our brains are malleable, and that we can apply techniques to counteract our instincts. We’re not BORN like this… whatever this is.

Neuroplasticity forms part of the Neuroscience basket of techniques and practices that we can use to determine the outcomes of our actions. These techniques are powerful in business but can be used as powerfully as an individual. Charles recently spoke about The Neuroscience of trust – Trust being one of the most important factors required in building healthy relationships. Part of his content questioned how one would practically go about implementing neuroscience techniques.

The Neuroscience of Trust

Managers have tried various strategies and perks to boost employee engagement—all with little impact on long-term retention and performance. But now, neuroscience offers some answers. Through his research on the brain chemical oxytocin—shown to facilitate collaboration and teamwork—Zak has developed a framework for creating a culture of trust and building a happier, more loyal, and more productive workforce.

Digitisation could create a 'left behind' workforce

If your executive management is the upwardly mobile head of your organisation, the juniors would be the legs – then your long serving, deeply experienced older workforce is the heart of your organisation.

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