Keeping New Collar Workers Informed and Engaged

Consider that 3 out of 4 of your employees are New Collar and non-desk workers, are they underserved when it comes to corporate communication?  With most companies in a war for talent on the one side and increased competition on the other, as well as workers wanting a better work-life balance and enhanced work experience, there is a huge demand to connect and engage your workforce.

Written by Linda Hamman 
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As an organisation, your challenge to retain talent is amplified by the nature of people working from home and the mobility provided through technology. 

Creating a singular employee experience using communications has never been as important as it is now.

8 trends to factor into your communication strategy

  1. Build culture through two-way communication – provide your audience the best way to maintain a single source of truth – allow Realtime feedback
  2. Catch them where they’re at – provide Realtime alerts with smartphone notifications of what’s happening in the business
  3. Ensure your messaging content allows everyone to contribute toward the culture not just those who are in office
  4. Video before voice before images before text. Video allows the audience to experience nonverbal cues such as enthusiasm, confusion or exhaustion humanising the conversation – use it! Remember people can’t be what they don’t see.
  5. Success stories unit people – use them – frequently
  6. Enable employees to perform essential admin tasks with ease – smartphones are always at their fingertips
  7. Segment your audiences deliberately and diligently – lack of relevance results in lack of uptake and ultimate rejection for the medium completely
  8. Measure your content, process, recall and impact regularly per campaign as well as publications

So what is a New collar worker?

New-collar workers have developed and honed their technical and soft skills. Their qualifications derive from non-traditional education paths, they usually don’t have a four-year degree from a Uni.  They are the frontrunners in the contemporary technology industry, their skills are forged in technical certification programs, on the job apprentices, internships vocational schools and on the job experiences and exposure.  The term, new collar worker originated from IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty and has evolved considerably since. 

Positions held

The position they hold are usually digital by nature, they are experts at automation and associated software, robotics, data analytics, cyber security, cloud computing and maintenance, additive manufacturing, and 3D printing. The are also prevalent in the medical industry, ultrasound technicians, pharmacy technicians, Medical assistants, mechanics and programmers and service delivery analyst.

The rise of the New-Collar worker

There is a global shortage of high-tech workers. Universities are not even producing one tenth of the computer-science graduates needed in the IR4.0 age. These mid-level technology positions are in huge demand and they are obtaining their skills through various large organisations who offer Skills development in the areas mentioned above.


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How to communicate effectively with non-desk employees

When you think of a workplace, you soon think of an office where employees spend a large part of the day behind a desk. Yet by far the majority of working people do not sit at a desk at all. No less than 80% of the working population consists of ‘deskless’ employees. These are factory employees, cleaners and drivers, but also teachers, doctors, shop assistants and hospital employees. Worldwide, all these professions account for 2.7 billion employees.

If you want to reach all employees within a company, you have to think outside the box. 99% of technological solutions are focused on office workers, despite the fact that they are numerically in the minority. In this guide we describe how to communicate effectively with non-desk employees.

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