Create a fertile environment to land change…

Published: 16 July 2019

Enabling personal transition and growth will enable a fertile environment for change and to achieve a fertile environment a holistic approach is called for.

Create a fertile environment for landing change 

What does it take from those who require the change?

  • Change Communication – those who are being required to make the change need to travel the same road as the initiators, to fully buy into and understand the necessity and complexity of the change.   The narrative shared influences the attitude toward the change, attitude drives behaviour, behaviour drives outcomes.
  • Skills development self-awareness of where individuals believe their strengths and weaknesses lie is of vital importance.  Social and emotional intelligence skills are required to ensure personal growth the outcome is personal resilience and team tolerance
  • Activation activities create a sense of belonging and a shared vision of the end state.   It’s important that everyone understands the concept of one goal, the individual paths to achieve them.  The outcome is a sense of belonging - we’re all in this together.


What does it take from those undergoing the change?

Change is an inevitable continuum which is disruptive and unsettling.  The personal transitions people need to make are often painful and need to be managed effectively.

Here are the four stages of personal transition and development and the enablers required to change. Real change involves a change of personal attitudes and behaviours.

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The outcome of effective change?

Whether the change is implementing a new technological system or taking a new product to market or calling for the acceptance of new values and behaviours the outcome remains constant – it always results in growth.  The experiences and the exposure that people and organisations undertake result in a new perspective.   The effective management of the change process determines whether the perspective is positive or negative. 

There’s no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone.


Next Steps

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