Do you SNORKEL or SCUBA through life?

Published: 19 April 2021

Progress usually begins with consciousness and results in action. Moving between the two landscapes, that of consciousness and action must be considered and executed with precision. 

Written by Linda Hamman

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This process, however, is often flawed – the main reason being that so many of us go through life snorkeling - we never get to explore and experience the benefits of scuba-diving because we take too many things for granted. Many of us no longer enquire and deconstruct and explore meaning. Phrases and concepts automatically have some arbitrary scripted definition, made and passed on by those who have not investigated the intent or meaning, they then leap into action, the outcomes are often less than desired. The tragedy with this approach results in a shallow superficial society followed by actions of outrage, offence and division often being the case.

Mind and consciousness are not well understood - exploring our consciousness is not an activity that will become a popular event at the Olympics or in fact in business, the possibilities are daunting, in fact scary. So how do we move through the landscape of consciousness with greater efficiency? 

  • We look at practices which involve appreciative enquiry, paraphrasing and critical thinking
  • Understand the Dunning Kruger effect and act - Paying lip service to the terminology without doing the work to understand, isn’t going to cut it
  • We encourage the practice of deconstruction – the relationship between the words we use and their accepted meaning
  • Digging deep into our consciousness, understanding cultural nuances before leaping into action

To get you out of the starting blocks with some of these practices’ watch this video, and download our Critical and Design Thinking e-Book.


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