Conversations vs Communication – is there a difference?

Published: 22 March 2021

Of course, there’s a difference!   Useful, well-articulated, Inspiring conversations result in emotions, emotions result in action.  Action propels an organisation forward – therefore it can be deduced that considered, meaningful conversations result in forward motion in organisations. Communication is a method of disseminating information.

Written by Linda Hamman

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Conversations that have no meaning, (read story) are well… meaningless which is not very useful at all. 

Does that mean we all need to become novelists?  Humans have for centuries been telling stories that are interesting, that have stood the test of time, have become fables, have influenced believes, changed attitudes and behaviours. 

You have story tellers in your business you just need to identify them through the stories they share.  They are at all levels in your business - a good communicator is like a talent scout they will find and amplify these stories building the brand and the confidence in the brand.  In most organisations there are so many good stories which build brand confidence, stories that demonstrate employees great work experience or tell stories of acknowledgement of others or even a story of achievement, a hero’s tale, someone who against all odds achieved and wants to demonstrate gratitude. 

Paint the big picture…  With all the information flying around, someone needs to extrapolate the information and tell the story of the business. The best way to do it is to use people to tell the story of what the business is doing.  Great stories are not built around policies and programmes, they are about organisations, the purpose and the people fulfilling the purpose.

Conversations are happening whether corporates choose to recognise this or not, and it is mostly happening in the social media space. Most executives are fearful of horizontal communications, without realising that ignoring it simply means they do not know what is being said anyway.

Get the message out and use social listening to gauge awareness sentiment and more importantly as a foundation for meaningful conversation.

Responsive leaders who embrace podcasts and live streaming conversations using story telling and listening will no doubt reap the rewards by building trust and confidence in the hearts and minds of their audiences.

Need help crafting your stories or your organisational stories, contact us.

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