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Our aim is to guide and assist you to reimagine and engineer or reengineer your brand with confidence. Talk2Us live is the channel where our team of superheroes explore, experiment, enable and establish the COVID and post COVID work order…. with confidence, of course.

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The best way to predict the future is to create it

The harsh reality is that a new world order has been thrust upon us. This new world order demands change at every level: how we interact, how we function and what we value.

The way in which we conduct business and go about our daily tasks is no different. It is now up to us to carve out the new WORK-ORDER that works for each and every one of us.

We believe in and envisage a WORK-ORDER that:

  • has PURPOSE and provides MEANING that is at the core of everything we do
  • EMPOWERS its people, enabling them to make DECISIONS while ensuring that PERFORMANCE trumps POLITICS
  • recognises the importance of CULTURE and its critical role in achieving collective success. This culture must be defined by FACT, encompassing our patterns and activities, encompassing ARTIFACTS and TRADITIONS that serve those who work within the organisation and not a FICTIONAL PIECE OF WORK that pops up on screen savers and dons the front page of the Intranet
  • values TRUST and REWARDS it above mechanistic measures
  • applies DESIGN THINKING, which puts people at the CORE of the business, ensuring EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE DELIVERY and WORK EXPERIENCE
  • provides SAFETY for those associated with their brand, PROTECTING physical and mental WELLBEING
  • IMPLEMENTS DIGITAL SYSTEMS AND SAFETY allowing you to perform optimally and keeps you connected and safe in today’s cyber world
  • goes to market with a clear unambiguous message which lets the audience know WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU DO and WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM and most importantly WHY IT MATTERS!

If you are interested in being part of the creation of a whole new WORK ORDER, please join us to meet the experienced and growing team of professionals with years of experience in businesses small and large, meet your Hosts below. They will be providing insights into the latest trends and referencing examples of what other organisations are doing.

Most importantly, we will harvest views from participants that will be shared with you.

Your Hosts

Read more about our various hosts here, by clicking on their profile pictures below.

Linda Hamman
Linda HammanCEO
Charles Nightingale
Charles NightingaleDirector
Matthew Counihan
Matthew CounihanAssociate
René<br> Roos
Chris<br> Avant-Smith
Roy<br> Vesty
Oliver Landreth
Oliver LandrethAssociate
Ian Mann
Ian MannAssociate

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Our Playlists of past and scheduled content


Don the Cape

Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up.

An overview of the week ahead, this show broadcasts each Monday morning.


Cape Up

Face the challenge

A bit of inspiration and encouragement goes a long way. Join us we'll help you get your mind focused on the the task at hand. Streams on a Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday morning.


Sparking Discovery

Reimagining your brand with confidence

We will share not only our vast experience and knowledge but of those in our network as well.. Don't miss this show, which streams on a Thursday evening, each week - join us!



Establishing your super power

Establishing your super power, with confidence. This show broadcasts each Monday afternoon.



Enabling Digital Confidence

Check your arsenal, do you have enough lives, build the foundation that allows you to equip your teams for success. This show streams on Tuesday evenings.


Rest the Cape

Closing off your week confidently

Log out. log off and tune into the most important frequency - YOU! Claim back your weekend, this show streams each Friday afternoon sharing what's on in Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng.


Book Review

Encouraging Life Long Learning

The "ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated" pursuit of knowledge, streams on a Mondays.


Focus Forward

Regroup, review and remind

Taking stock of the macro environment is imperative to staying on track. In this session we give you updates on what's happening around us. This show streams on a Wednesday afternoon.


Catch Up

Catch up confidently

Been too busy to touch base at our scheduled time? This show streams on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, where we rebroadcast popular content from the previous weeks shows.

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