Three just 3, 2021 trends that will revolutionise your Internal Communications

Published: 31 January 2021

Appoint ‘in-the-know’ journalists and part-time editors, empower them with the knowledge, tools, and skills to share day-to-day updates and the ability to deal with questions and feedback. Get the people in your business talking about the business.

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Do not dilly dally – get the message out!

A communication cycle that looks likes this:

  • 3-hour message development by a ‘one person division’ in the business – is history
  • 3-hour positioning and alignment caucus due to lack of clarity of what the sought-after outcome of the message is – true story people!
  • for ever to obtain approval and sign off – we have all been there…
  • publication methodology and release dates – so many tools, so little time, sigh!
    is history.

FIX IT FOLKS - Appoint ‘in-the-know’ journalists and part-time editors, empower them with the knowledge, tools, and skills to share day-to-day updates and the ability to deal with questions and feedback. Get the people in your business talking about the business. This will ensure that key strategic and cultural issues are operationalised – the outcome: empowerment and engagement. Horizontal, peer-to-peer communication is where it’s happening – the outcome: supports knowledge management, spreads insight, builds relationships, entrenchs culture, and helps team members leverage off each others talent. Team talk interventions are imperative.


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Provide the ‘facts’ and the ‘feels’

Communication that focusses only on providing information is forgotten as quickly as it is read. Facts are vital but take into consideration how your audience will feel about the written word. Evoke emotions – why? Feelings are aligned to traditions, values, morals which influence the culture and promotes action.

FIX IT FOLKS - Reason results in conclusion, feeling results in action. How we feel about something determines our emotion in each situation. Emotions are electrochemical signals that flow through us in an unending cycle, they are the feedback loop that determine our emotions and determine our every action. I hear… pink fluffy stuff and a mouse scrolling, wait a minute... The solution is in your hands – Emojis!!

Look at this basic example:

“Come to my office when you get in. We need to talk about the project you’re working on” 

Feeling – Oh No! 

Emotion - Fear

Action - Calls in sick




“Come to my office when you get in, we need to talk about the project you’re working on! ”  emojis


Feeling – Coffee and a chat, great! An opportunity to engage and share my thoughts.

Emotion - Anticipation

Action - Gets to the office to meet up

What more can I say?


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Focus on reach, the audience will determine the relevance

Is all your messaging still going out on e-mail only or perhaps e-mail, teams, Facebook for business, Yammer, SAP Jam, Internet, WhatsApp, Telegram?

Think of your audience – do they know where to go to get what information? Are they suffering from FOMO? so they sign up to everything, so now you think their signing up on all platforms means they’ll read them all, so you push more messaging out on the various platforms, but you have no means (or resources) to understand audience consumption preferences and efficacy, you get exhausted trying to keep up with everything, they get exhausted trying to find everything… (taking a breath, hang ten) nothing seems to be working, management say internal comms is ineffective and pulls some of the budget, the next engagement survey indicates that communication isn’t working! Go figure, right?


Transformative Workplace Technologies

Google, raconteur future of work


FIX IT FOLKS - Your aim must be to include and engage all your employees no matter where they are. A secure mobile app? Yes, that is the answer! It supports push communication with a feedback loop, a game changer indeed. Determine where you will get the best bang for your buck and put all your resources into one place not 8 different ones. Cutting down on message dilution, filtering, and overall confusion of were to go for what type of info.


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