Digital Signage for Remote Workers: Bringing Digital Signage directly into Home Offices

We love digital signage. There should be no confusion about that. It provides a wonderful and easy solution to reaching your employees and keeping them informed and engaged. It’s basically non-intrusive, digital magic. We wouldn’t be surprised if you have already put up large TV screens that were being used successfully – until parts of your workforce had to start working from home overnight due to the pandemic. Which has probably put your digital signage temporarily out of business. Or can you bring your digital signage into your remote workers’ home offices?

There is a great chance (a part of) your workforce still is not at the office since most knowledge workers and office employees have been working from home for almost the entire duration of the crisis up until today. And for the looks of it, remote work is here to stay, even once everything is safe again.

2021- You've got this!

Wishing everyone an amazing 2021!

With the general feeling of 2021 heading out to be the same as 2020, I’d like to vehemently disagree…

How To Strengthen Your Employer Branding With Internal Communication

A positive and strong employer brand is important for organizations. Your employer brand reflects your reputation, popularity, visibility, and viability in the employment marketplace. It also increases brand awareness, helps to attract and retain customers, and distinguishes your organization from its competitors. However, it may be hard for your organization to obtain a strong employer brand if your employees do not recognize the image you present externally.

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