Exhausted by working from home? This is how you avoid ‘Zoom Fatigue’

Do you feel like working from home exhausts you more than working at the office? You’re not the only one. Ever since we’re collectively working from home, tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams are on the rise. As the use of these tools increases, we also see a new phenomenon appear more and more often: ‘Zoom Fatigue’. This phenomenon isn’t only applicable to the use of Zoom, though, so we’ll call it Video Call Fatigue. We think this new Video Call Fatigue is enough of a reason to critically reflect on how we fill our working days.

How To Strengthen Your Employer Branding With Internal Communication

A positive and strong employer brand is important for organizations. Your employer brand reflects your reputation, popularity, visibility, and viability in the employment marketplace. It also increases brand awareness, helps to attract and retain customers, and distinguishes your organization from its competitors. However, it may be hard for your organization to obtain a strong employer brand if your employees do not recognize the image you present externally.

Understanding and Shaping Organizational Culture – Internal Communication’s Key Role

Culture eats strategy for breakfast,’ management consultant Peter Drucker once said – and we definitely think this can be true. Companies disconnecting the two may be risking their success. However, while the majority of organizations spend lots of time and effort developing strategies and plans, the way people will work to deliver these can quickly be overlooked – resulting in a misalignment between strategy and the culture required to deliver the desired results. But if there are people in your organization, there will be a culture of some nature.

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