Preparing for the ‘new normal’ - 3rd Wave | Five things to take into account

The Infection Phase of the coronavirus crisis seems to have come to an end. We’re not back to normal yet, but we’re close to returning to offices and workplaces. With a large number of employees still working remotely, now is the time for organizations to look ahead and prepare offices and workplaces for their employees’ return and for the ‘new normal’. Preparing for the ‘new normal’ presents challenges for communication professionals. Because, now more than ever, employees crave reliable information.

Working from home due to the coronavirus? This is how you keep your staff informed!


As the coronavirus tightens its grip on the world, more and more people are working from home. Working from home prevents you from becoming infected yourself, or infecting others. This way, working from home could eventually lead to a reduction in the number of infections, which could then contribute to the effort to ‘flatten the curve’.

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