Story Telling or Boring Selling?

Published: 22 February 2021

The old saying of ‘sell don’t tell’ left the room at least 10 years ago and was replaced with ‘Story telling’ an alternative and far more effective practice adopted to share information – a method that shapes our lives, our workplace, and our world.  The stories told leave behind memories which sit with us and shape our opinions, beliefs, and actions.

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An organisation’s Grand Narrative is the birthplace of the stories the people within and associated with the organisation share.  The Grand Narrative is best described as the Organising principle that underlines your organisations intent – it is purpose, the organisational dynamic regarding customer-centricity, innovation, values amongst other core traditions and beliefs that will, or have, taken a brand to a place of confidence that others want to cuddle up to and follow.  This ability to build a collective experience through narrative and story provides a much-needed sense of meaning and history to those connected to a brand.

Perfecting the art of Story Telling is essential, because if you're not in charge of your story, someone else is.

Storytelling promotes organisational innovation and personal change, builds confidence in brands and their people, and engages audiences in the most memorable way.

Basic business truths, such as the practice of Story Telling and the art Grand Narrative crafting are still very much effective and alive – the method of delivery has however changed, and these new online methods of delivery must be adopted by organisations to render the art effective.

Do not render the practice of Story Telling worthless – change the method of delivery! Do you need to craft a Grand Narrative for your organisation that ‘MATTERS’?  Are your people masters in the skill of authentic story telling?

Contact us we can help you craft your story, design the backdrop for it to play out on, provide your people with the necessary props and rehearsals to deliver an awe-inspiring, empowering story.

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