Internal Messaging | Hitting or Missing the Mark?

Published: 15 March 2021

In a world of constant, high-speed messaging, how do you get your audience to stop, consider and remember the message? You need more traction than a tyre on a Formula One car – because communicating effectively means information must stick. And not just any information – the info you most need understood and acted upon.

Written by Linda Hamman

Sticky Messaging

If your internal comms isn't sticking, here are the top eight reasons you should investigate:

  1. The method of conveying the information isn’t suited to your audience consumption preferences – if you can’t reach them or you can’t even get them open the message because the headline isn’t working – failed mission
  2. Nope one size doesn’t fit all – if you’re doing a ‘spray and pray’ you might get eyeballs but not engagement. If the audience you’re addressing your communication to can’t find the relevance – it won’t stick
  3. You’re competing against a myriad of sensational, graphic rich, topical or even trending (read sticky) information from hundreds of sources – is that a memo in aerial (worse still times roman) you have there??
  4. Is the message meaningful – does it matter to the reader? Is there a clear PURPOSE to the message being conveyed?
  5. Great graphics, great interesting content – what must I do now that I’ve read it. Is the call to action obvious or concealed and hidden by a thousand inconsequential words?
  6. Can the audience make a direct correlation to how this will impact their function if not their function but take them one step closer to reaching the company’s business imperatives
  7. Does your message have heart? Given the fact that you are dealing with human’s it can’t just be a list of instructions, provide context, give it soul tell a story, add in some spice with an analogy or two
  8. Are you communicating frequently enough? The passing of time is bound to create a gap in understanding – trying to remember the beginning of the story if you heard it a while ago is difficult and this takes the middle of the story out of context, losing the meaning and stickiness


For a message to stick, your audience must:

  • Focus
  • Understand
  • Believe
  • Remember
  • Care
  • Act

That's not easy to do... which is why you need to Talk2Us. We'll take you through the communication ecosystem; from the one-liner link on social media to your intensive messaging platforms like blogs, vlogs, and journals; and then follow up with consistent messaging that sticks.

Here is what we help you do...

  • Focus - get attention focused immediately on what your message must achieve
  • Understand- keep it simple, sexy, significant
  • Believe - make the message credible, no question
  • Remember - make it memorable for ultimate stickiness
  • Care - tug at the heart of the reader; people remember emotions not words
  • Action - be clear on the action you want them to take

Communicators striving for stickiness should be viewing their message efficacy often, and with a critical eye.


But first, take the Talk2Us Stickiness Health Check to see what needs improving. For the stickiness Health Check, click here. The scoresheet can be downloaded here.

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