Culture may eat strategy for breakfast – without cadence there is nothing to eat – just a nasty smell of mothballs!

Published: 06 April 2021

The famous saying Culture eats strategy for breakfast may be popular but the truth is that there will be no culture and no strategy without cadence. 

Written by Linda Hamman

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Commitment and consistency equal’s cadence. 

I work with many organisations and probably the single biggest factor to non-achievement of goals is a lack of cadence.  Initiatives, strategies, and endeavours start off with a big bang, guns blazing, excitement off the charts and then the nitty gritty detail of keeping it going sets in, and just like an effervescent tab the fizzle disappears.

This is where cadence MUST, and CAN save the day.  Regular, preferably weekly interactions, with action points and decision made is the fuel that drives a project to fruition.  Boring as this is it is this persistence that eventually realises the sought-after goal of any project.

I have run more projects than I care to remember and, in my experience as soon as the ‘weekly’ interaction falls by the wayside so does the project, and along with it the possibility of success.  The blame game sets in, trust and confidence wains.  Outcome the mothballs!!!

Mothballs can be smelt from far and for long… if you even get one whiff of a mothball comes to your attention whip out the cadence playbook, it’s a sure fire means of dispelling the mothball smell and its nasty side effects.

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