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Published: 14 February 2021

At our recent Mythbusting session we discussed the eight fundamental emotions with our participants. Our emotions flow through our bodies all the time, regulating everything we undertake, including our thoughts and actions. The Plutchik wheel of emotion is an essential tool if you want to enhance your emotional literacy.

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Reason leads to conclusion – Emotion leads to action

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But like all tools if you don’t have the skills to use the tool, and in doing so master the outcome, it remains just an interesting tool. The conversation with the group revealed that although business has in some cases adopted practising mindfulness there was still an element of people feeling vulnerable and as a result judged if they displayed their emotions.

The conceptual age that we are living is strives for abundance, abundance has made Left brain directed thinking less significant. Right brain thinking is rising and it focusses on High-concept and high-touch aptitudes. 

The six senses required to thrive in the Conceptual age are :

  • Design

    • Not just function but also design. Today it is economically crucial and personally rewarding to create something that is also beautiful or emotionally engaging.
  • Story

    • Not just argument but also story. Data isn’t enough. The essence of persuasion, communication and self-understanding has become the ability also to fashion a compelling narrative.Empathy
  • Symphony

    • Not just focus but also symphony. While the industrial society specialized in making a few things in large numbers, the conceptual age is about putting the pieces together – Symphony. Not analysis nut synthesis – seeing the big picture, crossing boundaries, and being able to combine pieces into an arresting new whole.
  • Empathy

    • Not just logic but also empathy. In addition to logic you need to have an ability to understand what makes your fellow man tick, to forge relationships, and to care for others.
  • Play

    • Not just seriousness but also play. There are evidences of enormous health and professional benefits of laughter, light-heartedness, games and humour.
  • Meaning

    • Not just accumulation but also meaning. Materialism has freed people from day to day struggles to pursue more significant desires: purpose, transcendent, and spiritual fulfilment.


The high-concept, high-touch abilities that no matter most are fundamentally human attributes.

What if we accepted our emotion as a resource, instead of the enemy, or something which was irrelevant or overwhelming? What if emotions could be a resource that connects us to ourselves and others to enrich our lives and create meaning? Consider which industry sees emotions in this light?

The above disciplines are practised and taught in the world of the Arts, specifically in the world of drama. If we are able to practise not only the mechanistic but also the humanistic, we will reach a place of abundance.

Backstage Business focusses and offers masterclasses on these six senses our aim is to backstage capabilities in the people in your business before launching them onto the stage – we want them to achieve a standing ovation in every interaction and every activity. 

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Thanks to @danielpink for this thinking...

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