The communication
platform that drives
organisational change

Employees informed, engaged, productive and safe!


The communication
platform that drives
organisational change

Employees informed,
engaged, productive
and safe!

Driving organisational change

Effective communication is the key to successful organizational change. This is exactly what we stand for; Netpresenter keeps your employees informed, engaged, productive, and safe. Discover our solutions and find out how we can help your organization.



Internal Communication
Change Management
Non-Desk Employees
Leadership Communication
Employee Onboarding



Employee Engagement
Organizational Culture
Behavioural Change
Employer Branding
User Adoption



Business Intelligence
Employee Productivity
Information Overload
Employee Training
Corporate Performance



Workplace Safety
Crisis Communication
Workplace Wellness
Mass Notifications

Omnichannel platform with powerful tools

Keeping employees informed, engaged, productive, and safe requires the right mix of communication tools. Our omnichannel platform consists of all the tools for your organization to effectively reach everyone; anywhere, anytime!

Desktop Alerts

Instantly grab any audience’s attention with the use of Netpresenter’s Desktop Alerts. Publish breaking company news, emergency alerts or important employee updates to everyone, at any location, at any time.

News & Safety App

Keep everyone in the loop with the Netpresenter News & Safety App. Whether your employees are working from home, on the road or in the field, they will stay informed about the latest news and stay safe in case of emergency. 

Corporate Screensaver

Transform every inactive computer screen in your organization into a dynamic and interactive communication channel to effectively make employees aware of key messages without disturbing them unnecessarily.

Digital Signage

Netpresenter Digital Signage is more than just big screens. We provide you with a robust, corporate Digital Signage solution to publish internal news, announcements, important updates, and other eye-catching content on every screen available.

Corporate Wallpaper

Desktop wallpapers have never been more powerful. Use Netpresenter’s Corporate Wallpaper to bring desktop backgrounds to life and to easily highlight messages that are important or urgent.

Corporate Lock Screen

Unlock the potential of the lock screen. Turn every idle PC into a highly-effective communication channel to reach your employees directly and to easily bring relevant information and messages to the attention of everyone. 

SMS Notifications

Immediately grab everyone’s attention by sending SMS notifications to every mobile device. Share crucial information or alerts and make sure your employees receive the right information at the right time, wherever they are!

Desktop Player

Share company news, announcements, KPIs, and updates with all your employees, without flooding their inboxes. By sending an inescapable pop-up or Windows Notification, you can make your messages stand out from the crowd.

Explore the powerful features of Netpresenter

Netpresenter has a lot to offer, and we are always developing new useful features to make our platform even better. Below is an overview of our most popular features that help you keep your employees informed, engaged, productive, and safe.



It has never been easier to effectively reach employees, no matter where they are. With our targeting feature, you can send personalized content to specific groups; for example, departments, locations, or offices worldwide. Make the content relevant for your audience and ensure everybody is on the same page, in or outside the office. Even send targeted content to individual screens; centrally manage 1 screen or 1000s, remotely, and globally with just a few clicks.



Measurement matters. Gather valuable feedback on how your messages are performing. Have precise insights at your fingertips and measure the reach and impact of your employee communications with our statistics feature. See key statistics at a glance, such as reach, connectivity details, and click-through rate. Also, find out what content your employees appreciate. Track user engagement and discover helpful details such as reads, clicks, likes, and comments.



Give your messages an extra push with our notification feature. You choose on which devices you want a notification to appear. It is just a matter of checking the box, and *Ping!* your messages now appear as a push notification on everyone’s mobile device. You can also send out your message as a pop-up on every computer in case of urgent situations or use Windows notifications to be sure no one misses your message!



We’re sure we love your beautiful corporate identity too! So let’s definitely use it. Netpresenter respects your branding and enables you therefore to add your own logo, color palette, and fonts. It is your own corporate communication channel, so let’s make it look that way too. Thanks to our templates, your messages look equally sleek on every screen, whether you display them via digital signage on large public displays, via screensavers on workstations, or in the app on mobile devices.



Let Netpresenter do the work and save yourself a lot of hassle with our handy scheduling feature. Create messages upfront and publish them at exactly the right moment. Also, take content down automatically when it is no longer relevant. Whether you need to publish an important corporate update at a specific time, want to create your own cybersecurity awareness campaign, or would like to celebrate everyone’s birthday, with our scheduling feature, you’re able to do so!


Social Interaction

Encourage social interaction in the workplace and make employees feel heard. Boost employee engagement by allowing your employees to give their opinion and let them interact with colleagues by sharing, liking, and commenting on corporate messages. Spread your core message and bring management and employees together in a two-way dialogue. Gather feedback, start conversations, and share important knowledge.



Spice up your corporate channel. Make your messages more appealing by using a wide array of beautiful templates and add multimedia and media objects to your content. Upload your own images, GIFs (yes, we love these too!), and videos, or go from Netpresenter directly to YouTube and GIPHY to find the right media asset to make your messages look extra good.


Dynamic Content

Save time and effort by automatically using content from multiple internal and external data sources. Netpresenter integrates seamlessly with the tools you already use, making it easier than ever to keep everyone informed and involved. You can integrate our platform with SharePoint, Power BI, Teams, database, or Social Media accounts to easily redistribute your existing content on every available screen. By integrating dynamic content, your business channel never gets boring!



Track down exactly who has received and read your alert. Even request people to confirm they are safe. Acknowledgment buttons in desktop pop-ups and in the app on mobile devices give you an exact idea of who has and – more importantly – who hasn’t read your message. When employees click on the acknowledgment button, they will automatically be added to a response list, giving you a complete overview of the recipients and the time and date of acknowledgment. 


Easy Publisher

Create and publish content on the fly. Use the ‘Easy Publisher’ functionality of our app to easily create messages via your own smartphone, in or outside corporate walls. By powering up your mobile device with our News & Safety App you can also effortlessly trigger alerts directly from your mobile device. Simply push the right scenario button and the alert will be published to your selected channels and screens. Employee and critical communication have never been this easy!



The Netpresenter cloud platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure, which complies with ISO27001 and SSAE-16 standards to ensure your data security. All information is encrypted using TLS 1.2 and PFS, and access to Netpresenter is restricted to a core team. We perform daily backups and have an uptime guarantee of 99%!


Cloud and On-Premise

Choose our secure and reliable cloud or on-premise solution to distribute your content to every connected screen or device. Use your own private cloud/server environment or Netpresenter’s hosted solution – both give you the ability to scale quickly.

Our integrations make your work easier

Connect Netpresenter with the tools you already use to automatically display and share existing content. Prevent double entry to save costly time and bring relevant content to your employees to keep everyone informed about the latest and greatest.

Microsoft SharePoint

Bring your SharePoint to life. Actively bring existing SharePoint content to employees’ attention using any available screen and device within your organization. Generate more traffic to SharePoint and easily increase intranet visits.

Microsoft Teams

Avoid a jumble of information, in which important messages drop out of sight, and people lose the overview. Use our Microsoft Teams integration to keep Teams organized for everyone; even for people without access to a computer.

Microsoft Power BI

Boost your Business Intelligence and become a data-driven organization. Automatically display Microsoft Power BI reports and dashboards on every screen within your organization with our powerful Power BI integration.

Microsoft Excel

Spread your spreadsheets. Show data from your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets automatically on every screen within your organization, keeping people informed about the latest KPIs, statistics, schedules, and more!

Facebook & Twitter

Keep employees up-to-date, more involved and let them feel more engaged by displaying social media posts about the latest company news on every screen. With our social media integration, you automatically display the latest posts from your corporate Facebook or Twitter account, keeping employees updated about the latest and greatest.

Google Agenda & Google Maps

Grab the attention of employees and visitors by displaying nice-to-know information on selected screens. Use our integration with Google to display calendars from Google Agenda or live traffic and public transport information of a specific region directly from Google Maps.

Office 365

Use our Office 365 Integration to sync user groups and enable Single Sign-On. Employees can use the same safe credentials they use for Windows and maintain their cybersecurity.

RSS & XML feeds

Automatically integrate newsfeeds via external sources like RSS and XML to show relevant industry news, weather information, interesting world headlines, the latest sports results, or what is happening locally.


Netpresenter is compatible with popular databases like MySQL and Microsoft SQL, resulting in low cost, low bandwidth usage, and making it easy to roll-out.

API Integration

Netpresenter easily connects with other platforms using their (REST) API. Our platform supports exchanging data in JSON and XML format. Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) enables you to connect to your building’s existing alarm system.

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Optional Features | Value-adding Addons

Talk2Us complements the Netpresenter App with the following value-adding features


Why #datafree?

By removing the data cost barrier, mobile users are more engaged, and this extends your reach to broader mobile audiences.

  1. Reverse billed mobile data applies the concept of toll-free numbers to mobile data.
  2. Mobile users incur no data cost when accessing #datafree websites and apps.
  3. Enterprises pay aggregate data usage costs for mobile user access to their specific digital services.
  4. Mobile users need no airtime or data balance on their SIM card for #datafree to work.

How #datafree works

We have reverse-billed data agreements with mobile network operators (MNOs) and the #datafree Platform online dashboard provides a range of product options and single point of implementation to direct mobile user traffic through the #datafree Gateway.

  1. We forward mobile internet traffic to customers’ internet servers and websites.
  2. All mobile traffic passing through the #datafree gateway is reverse billed by the MNOs.
  3. We aggregate a customer’s data usage across all MNOs into a single bill to the customer.


Broadcast your content quickly and simply. Cast converts a live video stream so it can be accessed #datafree in any browser. Whether it is a single or multi-stream broadcast, our solution combines #datafree streams with paid-for streams targeting different audiences. Whether you are organising an event or leading an educational stream, you can rest assured that your entire audience can connect and enjoy, #datafree. Our team will work your requirements to take care of the technical implementation so that you can focus on streaming great #datafree content.


Standard Usage Reports

Accessed via your Customer Login to the #datafree Publisher Portal.
A number of standard reports are available to you covering:

  1. Data and engagement today (UTC) - in graph or tabular form updated hourly
  2. Last 28 Days (with Users) - in graph or tabular form updated daily
  3. Data Usage by Calendar Month - in graph or tabular form updated daily
  4. Monthly Summary - in tabular form updated daily

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